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Famous Quotes - Famous Quotes, Quotes, Famous Sayings, Famous people.

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Famous Quotes

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Famous Quotes, Quotes, Famous Sayings, Famous people.

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Pooh Quotes from the Tree Acre Woods
Quotes from Pooh. Poohbear wisdom from the Three Acre woods, Thoughs for others. Babies, Brains, Balloons and bees are here. How to come to know all things. All his friends are here.
Meditation Quotations
Famous quotes about meditation, contemplation and various states of consciousness.
Information Central
This is an educational site that focuses on all types of trivial information. This site has pages that deal with famouse quotes,animal facts,food facts, nature facts,geographical facts, weird USA laws, USA state facts, historical facts, and other stuff.
Galaxy of Quotes and sayings
Galaxy of Quotes - This website is to well known sayings what the Milky Way is to stars. In other words, it's a huge collection of quotations on diverse topics, but you don't need a telescope to look at it..
genessa -- advice!
Lady G expounds upon love, and offers solid (and squishy) advice, her own and that of others.

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Famous Quotes

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