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A_Ring of Truth - Ring of Truth (rot) deals with human evolution, observation and perception. Are we alone? What is our origin? Is there a

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A_Ring of Truth

Manager: opossumsal1
This forum covers the same issues as the related 'Ring of Truth'. Anyone can participate making comments about the sites of this ring, or discuss related issues.

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ABUSE OF POWER - Yahoo! for starter stop_abuse 12/30/2001 (1 posts) Absolute power corru   more
Memetics: A Systems Metabiology rwhe 10/20/2003 (1 posts) An award-winning paper tha   more
The LIGHT: The new rainbow of Truth. caesarsquitti 09/24/2004 (1 posts) Discover a new ph   more
Quotes Of Robert Alan bluepossum 11/23/2011 (1 posts) Just a few quotes b   more
Quotes Of Akhenaton bluepossum 11/29/2011 (1 posts) Quotes Of Akhenaton   more
The Truth Shall Set You Free 38exc 11/05/2008 (1 posts) The story of my journey a   more
Mutual Respect For All woolleyedge 04/16/2006 (1 posts) A Humanist approach t   more
THE REALITY ZONE lazarst 04/01/2009 (1 posts) "You're here becaus   more
The Truth katte29 03/12/2002 (1 posts) I do not claim to know   more
Mysteries in Stone goddess_isisuk 02/07/2009 (1 posts) This award winni   more
Cybernetic Ruminations brandyn 11/22/2004 (1 posts) This site contains some   more
Atheism, Christianity and Subgenius lippard 03/15/2002 (1 posts) Links to sites on athei   more
Aristotle's Lyceum in Cyberspace jefferywinkler 02/24/2009 (1 posts) This is   more
Does God Exist? nakedcelt 04/08/2007 (1 posts) As a teenager I once   more
Elizabeth Clare Prophet angel2shine 01/17/2011 (1 posts) Do It Yourself Spirit   more
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