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WebRing Managers Community - Untitled document One of the original and largest Ring Manager rings, promoting individual WebRings since 1998

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WebRing Managers Community

Manager: wrug
WebRing Managers WebRing presents the WebRing Managers Forum, a place for WebRing Managers to discuss ideas, ethics, tactics, etc. This Forum is for WebRing discussion only and is closely moderated.

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Re (4616): Ring checker working or not? the_patient_gardener 03/06/2006 (5 posts)
Okay, that works and is even nice. It's just that lately a lot of sit   more
Re (4560): To WebRing Team - Pvt. Adoption Suggestion the_34th_doctor 03/05/2006 (1 posts)
Why doesn't WR have a policy in place for private adoptions like mangin   more
Re (4610): HTML Navigation Code with broken 'Join' link spunkysmom 03/04/2006 (2 posts)
===================================================== "How do you manage s   more
Re (4609): A New Policy from catalen 03/04/2006 (11 posts)
Excellent memo. Thank you for the outstanding expression that we all share   more
Re (4590): Should Webrings About Webrings Be Closed for the New P webring 02/27/2006 (2 posts)
Of course. that would make complete sense. It was also suggested that   more
Re (4597): SSNB showing incorrect navigation bars emmajones 02/27/2006 (2 posts)
An email has been sent to user id webring with more specific details about   more
Problems Uploading Graphics jliilj 02/27/2006 (1 posts)
I've been experiencing problems uploading graphics for a couple hours n   more
Re-visiting invisible SSNB code spunkysmom 02/26/2006 (1 posts)
Not to overkill the topic, but I started up the other computer (old unrelia   more
Large number of sites not passing? forrest_horn 02/26/2006 (1 posts)
I seem to have a rather large number of sites in various rings suddenly not   more
Re (4591): Ringmaster Home Pages spunkysmom 02/26/2006 (2 posts)
Also, the ringmaster's home page could just have links to the hub page   more
Re (4574): Spoke to soon NEW SPONSORS AT MY RINGS ? spunkysmom 02/26/2006 (3 posts)
lazarst, if you read a post below, (it links to the ringmasters ring) you w   more
Should Webrings About Webrings Be Closed for the New Policy? jliilj 02/26/2006 (1 posts)
In their posting here;did=105   more
Re (4579): Failing Members... jliilj 02/26/2006 (6 posts)
The system checkers seems to be sending out pairs of notices ... the site f   more
oops ... apologies jliilj 02/25/2006 (1 posts)
apologies for the multiple posts. my bad. james s. huggins ...   more
Suggestion: improvement in the automated suspension email jliilj 02/25/2006 (1 posts)
Within the Automated Suspension Notice the system replacement tags of site   more
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