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WebRing Managers Community - Untitled document One of the original and largest Ring Manager rings, promoting individual WebRings since 1998

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WebRing Managers Community

Manager: wrug
WebRing Managers WebRing presents the WebRing Managers Forum, a place for WebRing Managers to discuss ideas, ethics, tactics, etc. This Forum is for WebRing discussion only and is closely moderated.

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A Note on Pendings
  For those processing new submissions we'd like to offer these reminders/bit

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continued Re (4668): Process New Submission Lecture. spunkysmom 04/11/2006 (1 posts)
Was about to run out of room. "don't give a toss"? Without being n   more
Navigation Code shows wrong Ring ms_canuck 04/08/2006 (1 posts)
Hi (again) One site in my ring uses the SSNB code and HTML (on her page, s   more
oops more Re (4664): False 'Fails' and 'Process new site' issue spunkysmom 04/07/2006 (1 posts)
I don't forward my email so I just check in twice weekly at least. I ha   more
False 'Fails' and 'Process new site' issue spunkysmom 04/07/2006 (3 posts)
I don't forward my email so I just check in twice weekly at least. I h   more
re-directs and other stuff netrunner 03/27/2006 (4 posts)
We have a simple and straightforward rule that would apply to this circumst   more
Featured Sites - Webrings Share???? dawn_fright 03/23/2006 (10 posts)
Unfortunately one person goes around every month or so and submits more tha   more
Suggestion box? turnschuhboyde 03/23/2006 (2 posts)
- I would like to post a suggestion... is there an appropriate place to do   more
WONDERFUL NEW FEATURES! lazarst 03/22/2006 (1 posts)
Dear WebRing, The latest batch of WebRing Features and Management Tools   more
CONGRATULATIONS WEBRING marissa 03/22/2006 (3 posts)
You need to click on "Your Ring Memberships" on the left hand side of your   more
Brainy BLondes - not what it seems monals 03/20/2006 (5 posts)
You can host your own webring, but it is usually more work than most people   more
Management/Colors ms_canuck 03/20/2006 (1 posts)
makes it easier for those of us (me!) who often pick the wrong ring because   more
List of links eveliensnel 03/20/2006 (4 posts)
STAR is just the normal name for a network topology. It sounds good though   more
improvement in the automated suspension email jliilj 03/19/2006 (1 posts)
On 2/25 I wrote about an issue here   more
SSNB Required by Ringmaster or WebRing? ishtochituklo 03/15/2006 (4 posts)
Exactly right! That's why I haven't done it , nor will I. Thanks fo   more
Anyone looked at the WebRing home page? opossumsal 03/11/2006 (3 posts)
I don't mind really. I'm one of those odd ball people who sing Chri   more
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