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WebRing Managers Community - Untitled document One of the original and largest Ring Manager rings, promoting individual WebRings since 1998

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WebRing Managers Community

Manager: wrug
WebRing Managers WebRing presents the WebRing Managers Forum, a place for WebRing Managers to discuss ideas, ethics, tactics, etc. This Forum is for WebRing discussion only and is closely moderated.

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Why WebRing Is Indifferent To Our Complaints lazarst 10/02/2006 (1 posts)
The domain at has recently been finally transferred from it'   more
Re (4989): Transition Page sat_ring 10/02/2006 (13 posts)
You have lost can you let me it meaning.. Chris   more
Re (4984): WebRing - Expand Your Experience! annepr7 10/02/2006 (2 posts)
Lazarst, You are spot on! These pillocks are going to price themselves   more
Re (4981): What's the best way to leave? spunkysmom 10/02/2006 (4 posts)
I started the process and realized that I was again doing work for webring.   more
Re (4978): Thanks for the memories... sat_ring 10/01/2006 (3 posts)
A quot from the many email from ring members,that I found of interest. "   more
Re (4975): What's new netrunner 09/30/2006 (9 posts)
Indeed, we too have top sites listed in Google, which bring us infinitely m   more
Re (4964): Sorry to be a party pooper - deleted rings ms_canuck 09/30/2006 (1 posts)
And to add to that - ringmanagers who delete their Rings leave us members o   more
Re (4968): Recommended Clarification eveliensnel 09/30/2006 (4 posts)
Ah yes, I found it under the buttons I wasn't interested in clicking on   more
Re (4955): Leaving Webring circlecast 09/29/2006 (4 posts)
Grandma I have to agree with you I am sorry that all of use webring manager   more
Sorry to be a party pooper jliilj 09/29/2006 (1 posts)
I'm sorry to be a party pooper, but webring owners who delete their web   more
I paid ...why am I 'free' ? mrsmiller 09/29/2006 (1 posts)
I paid more than the required $5.00 in the early days, so why am I listed w   more
I am going to HAVE a free membership.... bendall 09/29/2006 (1 posts)
I am going to have to HAVE a free membership because I am "poor!" Living on   more
Re (4952): I guess I'll be leaving webring opossumsal 09/29/2006 (6 posts)
I would love to earn money too but I'm on disability and if I earn any   more
Re (4945): Memberships sat_ring 09/28/2006 (1 posts)
I feel this will start very soon have been in contact with other managers t   more
Re (4934): How does RM transfer site ownership? witezarabs 09/27/2006 (3 posts)
@jksales Thank you for your reply. I already understood what needed to   more
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