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WebRing Managers WebRing presents the WebRing Managers Forum, a place for WebRing Managers to discuss ideas, ethics, tactics, etc. This Forum is for WebRing discussion only and is closely moderated.

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You mean you hear from your rep regularly? - 12/31/2008
I noticed back around message 6214 that some references were made about not hearing from your rep for awhile. Does it actually happen that you hear from your reps? I have managed one ring with about 100 sites for over 5 years and just adopted my 2nd ring, so I am a small player, but I have only heard from my rep one time about 6 months ago when I sent a request to "Frank" for info. Otherwise, I have never heard from anyone at Webring since I adopted this Ring many years back, unless it was a generic systemwide email message. If it wasn't for this forum (which it sounds like one may be penalied for using), I wouldn't know anything, not that I know much as it is. Keep posting guys....some of us are learning a lot based on your comments and questions.

Replied - 12/31/2008
I've heard that some 2.0 reps contact their members regularly and when I asked my 2.0 rep (Jody) she didn't even have a current list of her members! LOL Actually, she was thinking she didn't even have ANY members because only one ever actually asked her anything (me, I usually just annoy her because everyone must be good at something!) I didn't think anything of it because I thought they were supposed to be doing other things while waiting for us to need them. hahaha

As for penalizing, that is only if someone is spam-posting. Either post here OR ask the Rep. Why make the Rep work to do something that is being/has been done here? Let's be considerate of what they do for us here.

Replied - 12/31/2008
Are you a 2.0 member? If so, you should hear from your rep whenever you have a question or concern. I usually hear from mine several times a day. He was gone for a few days because of the holiday. He thought he would be able to check in, but he wasn't. So I worried a little and acted patient, and sure enough, he's back on the job. If you are just a 1.0 member, you probably don't really have a rep. Hope that helps.

Replied - 01/01/2009
Yes, I am a 2.0 member and have been since back when they started the paid deal. I did let it lapse once by accident, but nothing seemed to change. I did send money to get reinstated at the 2.0 level, but I didn't notice that there was anything different between being level 1 and being level 2. I have to admit to wondering why I keep paying and what I am paying for. On the one occasion when I did have a question for my rep "Frank", as I remeber it, it took several days before he got back to me after I emailed him. How do you get what sounds like very quick response? Maybe it just depends on who you "rep" is. Are the reps employees of Webring or are they just volunteers like us? Are they in India like most other services use? Is there really a "Frank" or is that just a name used by someone (or someones) else when they respond by email?

Replied - 01/01/2009
Reps are real people in the US. You can thank part of the delay to relentless spammers who clutter their inboxes with spam. They'll send their messages to every name that they can because none of those folks publish their email addresses in bot-accessible locations. Jody has told me that she gets several hundred junk messages per day and she must go through them carefully to ensure she isn't trashing legitimate member emails (but didn't she ALSO tell me she rarely hears from 2.0s in crisis? LOL) Plus, they all have other jobs within WebRing so they aren't staring at their inboxes 24/7. I know their intention is to get with you right away, but sometimes aren't always "right there", after all, even the full-timers get 16 hours a day off plus weekends (although many of them do check their emails from home during off times, bless them).

Replied - 01/01/2009
To answer some questions...

The reps appear to be in the US, apparently in California. I don't know if they actually go in to WebRing's facility, or if they can "commute" by internet. There are different reps, so obviously, there is going to be differences in management. I don't know anything about "Frank", and yes, most likely that is a pseudonym. I would say generally you won't hear from your rep unless you have something specific that needs his attention. It doesn't sound at this point like you do. Maybe if you told us what you wished "Frank" would have answered, that would help. I don't have any idea if they are employees, but the hints would seem to indicate they are.

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