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A note on APs and Auctions - 12/31/2008
I have my preferences set so that I get a notice any time anything about the site changes. But I can see ways around it. What if the site owner simply replaced the CONTENTS but used the same URL? For WebRing to monitor THAT would be a nightmare.

= = = = = = =

Not really. WebRing already does look at content. They look to see if they can find and validate the code for the navbar. The key is to develop a statistical metric to detect significant change. Or perhaps something as simple as accessing the web server information about the last time the page changed. I won't pretend to know the best way. But I'll bet a quarter that there are better ways than having human eyeballs look at every site to see if you can see anything that's changed. That said do NOT imagine I'm saying that such development would be free or fast. And I am not suggesting that the system should "decide". I'm suggesting that given that we have identified the need for a highly repetitive and relatively simple task using networked information, that moreconsideration should be given to automated tools to better help the humans. That said, I've been very wrong before and maybe I'm just dreaming again.

Replied - 12/31/2008
patgoltz: Where do you access the statistical run through? (end)

Sorry, Pat, the percocet had kicked in early last night and I did not articulate in my normal manner. I use Ring statistics, accessible from the hub page. I compare hits to and hits from and whomever gets a disproportionate number of hits from the Ring in contrast to their hits delivered gets a once-over to see if there is something wrong with their coding, their navigability, or their site in general. I've been known to remove problem sites using this method and stats do take a jump in the positive direction when I do.

Replied - 12/31/2008
Thank you for the information. I'll take a look.

Replied - 12/31/2008
Yes, I have my preferences set for all three. Thanks for the info re GLOBAL chances. I'll keep that in mind. Since I'm set for all 3, I'm not noticing the glitch you're seeing.

Replied - 12/31/2008
Again, another reason to support "ongoing management" practices. (Now if I could just convince myself to do it more prudently!)

= = = = = = =

For me, this need for a fix is less a reason to support ongoing management than it is a reason to support a system fix.

James S. Huggins


Replied - 12/31/2008
ahhh, global edits don't trigger alerts. put it on the 09 calendar.

Replied - 12/31/2008
system - ahhh, global edits don't trigger alerts. put it on the 09 calendar.

Well, considering I told you about it in 2007 I would hope it made the 2009 fix list. That's about the turnaround time ROFLMBO (no resolutions to cease abusing staff coming from me! hee hee)

Don't forget about how ANY change will send the alert even if we only WANT particular ones. I don't give a rat's tail if a title or description changes, but I do like to know when a URL changes, yet I hear about every title and description. :)

Happy Nude Beer!

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