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Manager: wrug
WebRing Managers WebRing presents the WebRing Managers Forum, a place for WebRing Managers to discuss ideas, ethics, tactics, etc. This Forum is for WebRing discussion only and is closely moderated.

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Ujpdating Activity Points - 12/29/2008
How about updating Activity Points several times during the day OR at the very least, BEFORE the auctions close for the day?

Replied - 12/29/2008
I find that the activity points ARE being updated several times a day. Just think of this huge room full of computers, and how the information about your activity has to get from one computer to another on a network, and then make it back to the computer where your mr list is. The points come from all over, because you are doing activities all over. I also want my points updated, but I also know that if they aren't updated in time for THIS auction, they will be for the next. The bigger problem I have is that I feel we should be given points for merging rings. Maybe we are, but I'm not aware of it. Since WebRing said they were merging rings before the auctions (but it doesn't look that way), we are now doing what they said they were doing. So that is my major concern. But the technical problems involved in doing what you are asking are considerable, and there are so many other problems that need solving that I hope the techies will spend their time on these other problems, some of which are urgent. I think it would be helpful if WebRing would post a list of how many points a person gets for each activity. Then I would know where my points are coming from. That's my 2c worth, anyway.

Replied - 12/29/2008
Points do update regularly. Once an hour, on your next My Account action (so if your're gone for 2 hours it "skips" the one in between).

Giving points for merging rings is done on a case-by-case basis, upon recomendation from 2.0 rep. It's a bit dicey because it's a fine line. A number of similar, but "different angle" rings are OK, while complete dupes are a waste. There is also the issue of HTML based sites, which do not merge well. The upshot, as we see it, is to reward growth. New members, new sites, new rings, new subrings.

AP award amounts for new subrings is coming. soon. when it does those that have already created them will be bumped for each one at that time, so no worry on losing out.

Replied - 12/29/2008
I've been reasonably satisfied with the updates. I get frustrated if the auction closes before the points post, but I know I can use them the next day, so it's no biggie. About the subrings, you have a technical problem that needs to be fixed. I am unable to create more than one subring, so I have given up for now. I also can't edit the description once I leave that screen. Basically, the link goes away. I understand the only way to recover the link is to clear the cache. That's not exactly convenient, since I am using my browser for a lot of other things. Please have them look into that. I have mentioned it my rep, but I haven't heard from him for several days. So that's why I mention it here. See if the techies have gotten wind of my concern. Thanks!

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