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Manager: wrug
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Sites I recommend deleting - 12/11/2008
There are two sites that are on a gazillion webrings. I already heard from WebRing they don't want the first one, and I may have posted it here before, but it's worth repeating.

Hare Krishna Newsflash - nothing but webrings. They have no content at all! They haven't had any for many months; I have checked them several times. . They go by various names. They're nothing but a link farm (with lots of pretty graphics for the links); I have been unable to discover any original content, though I have looked on a number of occasions. They appear to be selling email addresses and hosting. They will often get accepted into animal webrings, for instance, on the basis of their name alone. I haven't yet gotten an opinion from WebRing, but they do fail to meet some of the criteria in WebRing's blog.

My personal recommendation is if you have either of these in your webring, you should delete them.

Replied - 12/12/2008
I'd have to agree with the e-frogs site having nothing as far as real content has to go.

havent seen the other on on any of my rings.


Replied - 12/12/2008
what is the user id of the Hare Krishna sites?

Replied - 12/12/2008
I no longer have any of the Hare Krishna Newsflash's sites in any of my webrings; I'll have to see if I can figure out a way to get that information. I sent a complete list of their webrings to Michael, and he said he will take care of it in system rings. You might want to talk to him. Here is the URL for the webring list:

I don't know how much help that will be, but you can find out stuff I can't.

Replied - 12/12/2008
I haven't yet gotten an opinion from WebRing, but they do fail to meet some of the criteria in WebRing's blog.
= = = = = =
could you provide me a link to's blog and also identify which specific crieria they fail.


James S. Huggins


Replied - 12/12/2008
Hi. There are two sites I spoke of. The Hare Krishna site did appear on a handful of your rings. The system will take care of all of them. I haven't gotten an answer on the froggy site yet, and I want to do just a little more investigation to see if there's a way to get back to the navbar from the links they provide, which are ALL on other servers. I'll fetch the link to the WebRing blog, too. Get back to you later.

Replied - 12/12/2008
OK, I have more information on e-Frogs. His user ID is wwwfrogcc. The page that everyone goes to from any of his webring slots is a single page with a large number of links with graphics, ALL of them to other sites. Most likely, he owns froginawell, but when I go over there, there are NO links back to the page which has the navbar code on it, so effectively, it's a one way site. The only original content I can find on the original page is a string of small thumbnail photos near the top of the page. He also apparently started a slew of webrings himself, probably for the purpose of giving him more exposure on WebRing. Take a look at this webring: He has three of the seven slots in this ring. I think in view of his many webrings, that this is basically a spam site, but I'll welcome your ideas. Here's the link to his main page: It would also appear that most of the sites on his webrings are his. That's just my impression; I don't have hours to evaluate his activities. I will look more as I have time.

Replied - 12/13/2008
In my eyes the froggy site added nothing to the quality of the 2 rings he was in of mine.

So he got the boot.

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