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Clicking on 'Next' in navbar goes to ring hub page... - 12/02/2008
I am curious as to why when I am surfing the members of a webring by clicking on "Next" on the navbar on a member's webpage, sometimes it will go to the ring's hub page rather than on to the next member? This effectively breaks up the ring because I now do not have way of knowing what is the next member in the ring! This happens in every webring I surf, my own and others.

Replied - 12/02/2008

This happens to many of us. The technicans haven't succeeded in duplicating the problem. It seems to be a glitch that no one understands.

Replied - 12/09/2008
I also frequently have this problem when navigating rings, and, I am receiving complaints from members of my rings who are having this same problem. It appears to be a frequent and system wide problem. It appears this is happening mostly (or entirely) with the newer members of rings. I thank some time in the recent past, the WebRing software stopped making the proper "connections" between the newer members of a ring and the older members.

Replied - 12/09/2008
Several of us have noticed this behavior. What we need to do is call this to the attention of the techs. We shouldn't ask for help here. Some of us who have 2.0 memberships can get attention. We can appoint one person to do it so WebRing doesn't get duplicate requests. I don't know that it has anything to do with newer sites or whatever. I personally am strongly suspecting that it's a server overload problem, along with several other similar problems. Since I have some technical background, I am pursuing it with my rep. This is NOT a request for help HERE. It's simply a comment affirming the problem.

Replied - 12/09/2008
Pat. Techs have gone over it and over it and over it. We have never, repeat NEVER, been able to reproduce this behavior, except when cookie security is very strict, the site is not active, or the user has never visited WebRing previsouly (according to cookies, not the person's personal recollection). If you, or anyone, else can DOCUMENT a procedure that anyone can use to reproduce this behavior then we will be able to investigate. Lacking that it is a little like claiming Obama is not a citizen. Please do not keep raising this issue without a step by step method for causing it to happen that anyone/everyone can replicate.

Just for the sake of clarity. Techs are NOT saying there cannot be a problem. What techs are saying is that after exhaustive testing with mutliple machines, geographic locations, operating systems, browsers and browser versions we have not found a repeatable problem. There may well BE a problem, but it has not been accurately identified, and we know of no other means of tracking down this problem.

If it can be replicated we can pretty much guarantee it can be fixed within hours.

Replied - 12/09/2008
I understand what you are saying. I am trying to figure out how to document what SEEMS to be a consequence of the SIMPLE act of clicking on the "sites" tab at the hub, or coming in on the "sites" tab from any link (on the WebRing system, or from an email), and it's erratic. It only happens SOMETIMES. I have tested this in browsers with NO cookie blocking, and it still happens, and sometimes with the SAME webring, the "next" link works fine, and other times, with the SAME webring, it doesn't. I'm seeing that it keeps saying "connecting" followed by "waiting", and it keeps thrashing between the two. You can't see this in IE; it just times out. But you can see it in Mozilla, Firefox, and Opera. In my main browser, Firefox, I have complete cookie permission for your entire site. In Opera, I have cookies enabled with NO exceptions. I cleared Mozilla of all cookie permissions last night. It accepts all cookies. NONE of them will readily display the second page. Sometimes they do, and sometimes they don't. I have tried it in IE with the same results. There, you can't set individual cookie permissions. I have cookies enabled and third party cookies disabled. If it were a cookie problem, it wouldn't be erratic. And it wouldn't occur in my browsers where I have cookie permissions fully enabled. And other people I know who accept all cookies are reporting the same behavior. We're all thinking it's a server overload problem. If for some reason what I'm explaining about the problem isn't sufficient explanation of what I am doing, I am at a loss to know what I'm not describing. Seriously! I will continue to think about it, and give you as much information as I can.

Replied - 12/10/2008
Oh, one other thing. If I can get it into a mode where it gives me only 10 results at a time, I have no problem. It only happens when I get 20 results at a time.

Replied - 12/10/2008
Oops! I started talking about a different problem. I'm observing what you're saying as well. I don't know if it's newer members or not, but frequently clicking on "next" in a navbar takes a person to the webring's hub page. I haven't seen this so much lately, but I'll try to make note of particulars when it happens.

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