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To Computer Programmer:

PLEASE--Someone needs to fix the "Jump to" link on the "auction" listing. I/ve made 124 bids but can only see the first 30. The jump to link keeps taking you to te te first group. Those arrow over the webring names will let you see the last 30 but you can't get to #31 to#96.

This is a computer programming glitch that needs fixing now.

Thank you.

Replied - 12/01/2008
I'm having the same problem. Firefox here. I can test in other browsers if needed.

Replied - 12/01/2008
I've tested Internet Explorer and Netscape.

I don't know how many other browsers there are????

Replied - 12/01/2008
Mozilla, another version of Netscape, and Opera. And MAC computers have some, but I don't have a MAC, and I don't know if it's a problem there. I tested in Mozilla on my other problem last night: refusing to give me the next page of a list of sites. Same thing. Tech is looking into it.

Replied - 12/02/2008
It will be fixed when we can.
1. we didn't expect, nor do we really approve of bidding on 124 rings. that's more than 1 person can/should manage. But, that's just our expert opinion.
2. "programmer" is out of town for the holiday weekend (which is now over), but stuck in transit. should be back wednesday.

Replied - 12/02/2008
Hi dlpwriter / patgoltz,

I had the same problem. The following worked for me:

Show bids 1 through 30 sorted by bid status:;sort=s&ringstart=1

Show bids 31 through 60 sorted by bid status:;sort=s&ringstart=31

Bids X through X+29 sorted by bid status:;sort=s&ringstart=X

To see rings higher than 60, just set the number after "ringstart=" to whatever value you'd like. You'll get back 30 results, beginning with whatever value you set.

If you'd prefer to sort by close date, use "sort=i", and if you want to sort by title, use "sort=t".

Hope this helps.


Replied - 12/02/2008
Thank you Eric! Works like a charm.

I really do think those of you figuring out work arounds should get together and write up an article explaining them so we could refer those asking questions to a permanent document. Would save a lot of "help" messages in the forum and to the support staff.

Thank you again.

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