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WebRing Managers WebRing presents the WebRing Managers Forum, a place for WebRing Managers to discuss ideas, ethics, tactics, etc. This Forum is for WebRing discussion only and is closely moderated.

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Agree with 'Family Friendly' section - 08/10/2008
To go a bit further, I am fairly familiar with the current state of US law. There are no laws that require a business to cater to behavior that spreads disease, or that violates the mores of a religiously oriented business. Although this is being litigated, not much has been accomplished in this direction. First Amendment freedom of association permits anyone to refuse to associate with anyone for any reason. Canadian law protects freedom of speech, association, and religion much less than US law. WebRing may seek common carrier status. But other ringmasters share my concern. As a ringmistress, I won't escape legal liability if I help a child to get hurt in some way. As you know, the US is a very litigious society, and even IF I were not legally at fault, that wouldn't prevent me from being sued and having to defend myself in court, which could get expensive. (And I once refused a very nice site that was selling purebred pit bulls for the same reason.) I just learned that Ring Surf no longer allows "adult" content. As of yet, I don't know how they are defining this. But half the problem is that homosexuals are NOT opposing the exploitation of children among themselves. I'm not hearing any speak out against NAMBLA, for example. So my goal as a ringmistress is to create rings where people can safely join and know that their own mores would not be violated by the links provided by my webrings. As you are aware, there is a large faction in the US that opposes many of the homosexual demands, so it is a real concern, and since WebRing is international, the laws of some fairly strict nations also come into play, such as the laws of Muslim nations. In my personal life, I have had lesbian friends, and done business with homosexual men, but I operate on behalf of the sites in my rings when I put on my ringmistress hat. And yes, I will equally refuse to admit any site that promotes heterosexual promiscuity and other such behavior. I don't admit erotic or porn sites, either. I am an "equal opportunity offender." :) I hope this further clarifies.

Replied - 08/10/2008
Clearly you are much more knowledgable than I am in this area and I would not presume either to speak for you or for

That said, neither would I expect a commercial firm to expose themselves to what I perceive as real legal risk by facilitating your discrimination, despite your strong belief that such discrimination is legal.

Please understand, that I'm not saying you are wrong in your belief. I'm not even sure that beliefs CAN be wrong.

But I am saying that I do not expect to ever take any action that facilitates your particular approach to solving your problem because I believe that such action on their part would increase their legal liability without perceived financial benefit.

We could discuss the fine points of discrimination law at length. But I do not believe it would advance your cause. And I am not a trained lawyer.

So, I guess all I am saying, is that I do not expect you to change the system policy.

I would note in passing that one major purpose of the Bill of Rights is specifically to limit the effect of majority opinion.

Good luck going forward.

James S. Huggins


Replied - 08/10/2008
Thanks, James!

I understand what you are getting at. I hope to be able to define a policy that WebRing would implement (by having different tiers of webrings, i.e. family-friendly, general, "adult", and so forth). This type of discussion helps me to define things better, and I deeply appreciate it. Let's see what management says. :)

Replied - 08/19/2008
Not ignoring this discussion, just very bogged down in a few other things.

Replied - 08/21/2008
No problem. Whenever you get a round tuit is fine.

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