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WebRing Managers WebRing presents the WebRing Managers Forum, a place for WebRing Managers to discuss ideas, ethics, tactics, etc. This Forum is for WebRing discussion only and is closely moderated.

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Thank you for your decision on Adult webrings! & 2 Sug - 07/12/2008
I also appreciate the new policy that will help deal with the problem of adult sites in general audience rings. I just wanted to add a slightly different thought to what dlpwriter has said. I would prefer if the general audience webrings were kept suitable for children. That's what general audience means to me. There are some web sites that I feel are slightly over the line. I have to deal with these constantly. I feel these should be in adult webrings. Some of these sites appear in just about every general topic webring (i.e. no specific topic to the ring), and I have lost count of the number of applications to join my rings I have had to turn down because they also belong to general topic webrings with such sites. I think it is often the case that people who join these general topic webrings are unaware of the problem. It is common for applicants not to screen the webrings they join adequately, and sometimes when I call their attention to the problem, they are shocked at what I found. Part of this is also due to the fact that people will check the webrings before they join, and these sites are admitted later. It isn't reasonable to expect them to exercise due diligence repeatedly after joining a ring, and I have even had considerable problems with this in my own webring memberships. Continued.

Replied - 07/12/2008
Continued. A couple of examples will suffice. I get a lot of applicants who belong to general topic (or other) rings that include erotic sites. I permit artistic nude sites in some of my webrings, but I interpret that to mean that the images are not designed to produce sexual arousal. Even though these images don't contain any explicit or kinky sex, I regard them as unsuitable for viewing by children. Furthermore, these sites often have links to hard core porn. It would appear that the site owners are using the erotic material to lure people in, hoping they'll click on a link. For this reason, instead of a designation of "children friendly" or some such designation is too narrow in scope. I would rather have a "family friendly" category instead, with the understanding that families include children, and the rings would be suitable for children as well. The second problem I keep running into is that some sites (well, one in particular) will join a webring with a page which is suitable for a general audience, but on his site, there is a link to a page that advocates the passage of legislation pertaining to sexuality that would seriously interfere with the First Amendment rights of speech, religion, and association for the population as a whole, in the United States. In my opinion because of other content on the site, it should properly be classified as an adult site. If there were a clearcut family-friendly category for rings, then these rings should reclassified, either by removing such sites, or by designation as adult-oriented rings. One more thing: I am trying to screen all the sites in my rings to make sure there are no unsuitable sites, but it takes time for a large adopted ring, so I request that people with such rings be given time to bring their rings into compliance; let us know if there is a problem. Thank you.

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