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WebRing Managers WebRing presents the WebRing Managers Forum, a place for WebRing Managers to discuss ideas, ethics, tactics, etc. This Forum is for WebRing discussion only and is closely moderated.

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Community Rings - 06/27/2008
The assertion has been made, and it was no doubt true at some point, that if a member suspends a site that passes and the ring is on auto-management and is set to auto-activate sites then suspensions will not be maintained. Whew.

This is not the case. Manually suspended sites, whether by manager, helper or member, STAY suspended until manually activated.

This does not prevent some *other* member, manager or helper from deciding to re-activate. So, when making qualitative decisions you should be aware that:
A. Others may not agree with that assessment. If you believe the site violates some WebRing mandate (i.e. they have hidden code, are spammers, are one-way, missing code, ...) then REPORT the site to WebRing support IN ADDITION to suspending it. If you jus think it's off topic for the ring then we suggest suspending and reporting to the manager so a determnation can be made regaridng deleting the site permanently.
B. Make sure your actions coincide with the join instructions of the ring. If the ring is set to allow marure content, for example, then suspending sites for having mature content is not likely to fly well with others. The ring itself should be altered if the *group* (or manager) decide that is what's desired.

Replied - 06/27/2008
In the past, I have found that sites *I* suspend in my own rings are being reactivated by the system if I don't put the exclamation point on them. Members don't have the authority to toggle the exclamation point. If this has been changed, this is a welcome change.

When a ringmaster doesn't respond to communication about why the member suspended the site, then reporting to the ringmaster doesn't do any good. That was the case here. This ringmaster APPEARS to be active, but both times I emailed her/him, I didn't get any response at all. That aggravated the problem.

Currently the reporting links only have two possible choices: broken navbar code, or spam. Sites such as the ones I identify don't properly belong in either category. I wouldn't call "mature" content spam per se. As long as they are "relevant" to the ring (in this case, art sites in an art ring), they're not spam. If you offer a third category (inappropriate content), then this link could be used in situations like this. The reporter could elect to give a SHORT explanation for the reasons.

In my experience (and I have been around for years and have managed many rings for years), most members of a ring are totally clueless about what to do if they don't like the content of some of the member sites. They may be upset by it, but they don't simply leave. We don't know, under the present system, how many ring members might be upset by some of the sites. In my experience, people will join rings when their content is acceptable, and the ringmaster will later admit a site they don't like. When I tell people that some of their rings aren't family-friendly and go into specifics, I am often met with incredulity. So I think this should be examined to help remedy the situation with new policies. Thank you.

Replied - 06/27/2008
The past is the past.

There is no need for a thrid option. sites suspended can and will remain suspended. Other than suspending and informaing the manager there is not much else to do.

If memebrs are not active so beit. that is not something we, or you, have direct control over - OTHER than to provide the tools (which are new, so not part of the past again) and encourage them to be more active. Perhaps once they realize they CAN have in influence they will.

In short, take a postive attitude going forward. We are.

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