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WebRing Managers WebRing presents the WebRing Managers Forum, a place for WebRing Managers to discuss ideas, ethics, tactics, etc. This Forum is for WebRing discussion only and is closely moderated.

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Should I register each page in this website? - 01/12/2008

I have a website giving life histories of Michigan birds and animals. Am trying to find a domain name just for this site because I want to do more life histories.

Should I register each individual page (for a single bird or animal) so I can register for webrings on a page specific to their topic? Example: Should my "Eastern Bluebirds" page be registered as a separate page?

Or, is is best just to register my index page? I've run into some ring owners that don't want webrings on every page. The want it just on the "front page" to the website.

I hope I am explaining myself clearly here. Am trying to figure out best way to do this.

Replied - 01/12/2008
I have a huge web site with a lot of different topics. WebRing likes to have the webrings on the relevant pages. So I have webrings on each master page for the section. I have some on my photography page, some on my martial arts page, some on my politics page, and so forth. I prefer it if someone who applies to me has this arrangement, because it makes it a lot easier for me to evaluate their site. For the surfer of the rings, having to read through a gazillion rings to find the right one (sometimes it doesn't work that the webring they're surfing is the one that appears) would be a huge burden. Register each major page that is about a different topic. That's my recommendation.

Replied - 01/12/2008
Thank you Pat. I should have just contacted you to start with. Am now in process of making each of my life histories a subdomain and putting new webring coding on the page.

Am finding it very SLOW right now. Wonder why? I keep getting the page about the page not being found. It's timing out.

Replied - 01/13/2008
System was more than slow on 1/12. We could not determine if
a. it was an internet router issue local to the region the servers are stored in.
b. a specific "attack" on webring.
c. that dratted lnktomi crawler
d. some other issue

we struggled with the site for hours. Eventually it settled down. We did make some adjustments internally in case that was contributing to the problem. We'll see.

Replied - 01/23/2008
You do not need to make each of your site sections a subdomain in order to have each section have a main page that is a member of relevant webrings (or central to your ownership of relevant webrings). The important thing here is the relevant URL - that which leads to the subject matter relevant to the webrings of which you are a member or own. WebRing's recommendation of locating the navbars close to the relevant subject matter is absolutely critical in our opinion. We have multiple sites with very related but completely different sections, e.g. SF TV or Celebs. We locate a specific show or celeb navbar on their main page. When you are talking about completely different subjects, I would certainly do this - why make someone look at an index that includes politics, photography, Eastern Bluebirds, etc. when they are only interested in photography? And for WebRing's sake, when they are finished looking at your photography section, it should be easy for that User to go to the next site that features photography.


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