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Manager: wrug
WebRing Managers WebRing presents the WebRing Managers Forum, a place for WebRing Managers to discuss ideas, ethics, tactics, etc. This Forum is for WebRing discussion only and is closely moderated.

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Visible Navbars--Would Love Answer to This - 12/18/2007
Yeah, I understand.

The reason I don't use the "hold" option is because I use it for another reason and I don't want to confuse things.

I don't just deny sites if their code isn't up within two weeks - as you said, not everyone checks their WebRing mail. So after the first week if they haven't placed their code up or responded to my first e-mail (sent around the 5th day) I go to their sites and hunt out an e-mail address. I write and ask if they are still interested in joining and ask the applicant to contact me either way and especially to do so if they are having problems with the code. They then have a week to reply before I take any action, works for me :)

Maybe I'm weird but if someone hasn't got time to place a small amount of code on their site then and there they should wait till they can do so. In which case I think two weeks is a fair time to give them, yes, some people have problems with the code but I do offer help. I have, on more occasions than I can remember, signed up for webspace just for the purpose of being able to give someone instructions on how to add their code via the provided site builder tools. I don't give up too easily.

Replied - 12/18/2007
Hi System - We are still hoping for an answer on the original post (5672) :)

Replied - 12/20/2007
I offer to help them if they are having trouble installing the code, too. Not everyone has a readily obtained email address on their site. I find most don't. A few people seek my help, and I help them.

Replied - 12/20/2007
I know, some people just don't make it easy for us. Guestbooks are useful, I'll just leave a message in one of those too if they have one.

I'm not sure about having members that are almost impossible to contact. I mean chances are I may never have to but it's something to wonder about. If WebRing were to make more major changes and those members never check their mail we're kind of stuck. Not that I'm that worried about it here and now but I know others wouldn't accept someone they can't easily contact.

I will admit I have more contact with members of my rings that are not hosted here, for no reason other than they are more willing to respond. Guess it takes all kinds :)

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