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Manager: wrug
WebRing Managers WebRing presents the WebRing Managers Forum, a place for WebRing Managers to discuss ideas, ethics, tactics, etc. This Forum is for WebRing discussion only and is closely moderated.

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How to stay on top of webring manuevers - 07/01/2007
Actually my sites are regularly suspended and re-activated. As I lok at the lsit fo those that have complained in the past, it is a select group of non-conformers. Or non suck-ups.

And I thought WebRing was improving.

Replied - 07/02/2007
If you run all of these operations like your post says, then there must be a very different standard for management in the UK. Your post is filled with misspellings and poor grammar. I know that the Queens English is somewhat different than the American version, but incorrect spelling and poor grammar are the same in both versions!

Replied - 07/03/2007
We have tried to respond to your Support requests multiple times however our responses are bouncing. Please log in to your account and re-verify your email address. You may also want to check that any or all of your spam filters are allowing emails from us to come through.


Replied - 07/17/2007
From the looks of things here at the forum I see I am not the only one, guess I am relieved for that (was starting to get a bit of a complex). It has taken me over 45 minutes to delete the 450+ "We regret to inform you" messages so I could get to the "repair" button to see what was going on and why my sites are failing in many, many rings.

The site is passing the checker and the code is showing on the page. I have stayed up tonight to babysit the systems run so I could see if I would be yet hit again with a failing site (that really isn't failing) and lo and behold, the emails are starting to come in.

I see in my repair list that the site that was ""failing"" is still listed there, so guess I will need to go through ONE BY ONE and click on wizard and then submit for each one. (there just must be a better way) Some of us webring managers do have other priorities and I didn't think that webring would turn into a full time job, but at this rate I'll have to hire staff to help out before long.

Is there anyway possible that Webring could put a button on the webmail page so that each box wouldn't have to be checked separately to delete, like regular web based e-mail has? That would lighten the load considerably. Has anyone asked them to do this?

I start my 2 week vacation tomorrow, first vacation in over 5 years and was so looking forward to it, but at this rate I'll have over 6,000 webring e-mails to return to, sort of puts a damper on my excitement and planned fun. Maybe Webring can get a button on the webring mail by the time I get back? PLEASEEEEE!


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