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Manager: wrug
WebRing Managers WebRing presents the WebRing Managers Forum, a place for WebRing Managers to discuss ideas, ethics, tactics, etc. This Forum is for WebRing discussion only and is closely moderated.

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I feel the pain of webring managers - 03/12/2007
It is a shame so many managers can not find the support they need to manage their webring communities. I am Passing on another manager's need for help. Dear thebulletin, I beg your assistance - I am unable to post to the managers forum as to my dismay I have lost mangement of my webring. I have emailed 2x via the contact us link at the bottom of the site with no responce back from webring. I see they have recently addressed your posts and hope you may assist me in passing a message or perhaps pointing me in the correct direction. My last message to webring is pasted below.... this should help you better understand my situation.

Thank you in advance!

I started the DELTIOLOGY webring YEARS ago. It is one of your top postcard collecting webrings.... I worked to see that happen, to get worthy sites, to cull out the dead links etc. It has been a PAYING ring with sites that sponsor, and it gets a fair amout of hits.

My webwring ("Deltiology" that you have now renamed something else) was taken away and put up for adoption, I know why - I was unable to log in as I usualy do, for a period of time. I was during this time checking my email on a regular basis and never received any email notices, or I would have logged in to address any pending sites.

Anyway - with life back to normal - I asked to adopt my ring back via adoption link 2 weeks ago... have heard nothing. Now the ring has no adoption link and has changed name and color, I believe it is being system run.

To add insult to injury my website has been suspended from the ring - for bad code. Because of the type of site my code is on I use HTML not detectable by your wizard...

I would really like to see this addressed - at the very least a reply would be appreciated.

Beth Germann
The Deltiologist

Replied - 03/13/2007
I manage 3 rings and two of my Hub pages are "Fail" for some reason beyond me. The 3rd Ring has no Hub page and my page there is fine. The url's are right and the code is there and works flawlessly as it has for years, CORRECTLY.
As I am unable to test the pages within Webring, with a 5 MBPS cable connection I'm unable to validate them. Though the links on the pages work as they should on the live pages.
Is this a power play to make me become a 2.0 member? I grow tired of the BS.

Replied - 03/21/2007
I would like to thank thebulletin for forwarding that post for me....

I have since, started a new deltiology webring fresh from scratch. And have since been accepted into this forum as a ringmaster.

Thank You

Replied - 03/22/2007
Since the 5th of this month, all my sites in Webring have been suspended twice and re-instated twice. The only thing I have done is check to see if the pages are there and the code works. No other changes have been made either to the pages in question or the registered URL's.

I'll be resigning as Ringmaster of three rings and pulling other sites of mine out of the Webring community as soon as I can get it done.

It is a shame that this once vibrant and helpful community has gone to crap in such a short time.

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