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Is WebRing For The Members Anymore - 03/03/2007
Dear Lazarst.

Well at least we have some common ground somewhere!

In one thread in the other forum one member has suggested that websites such as WebRing should be subject to some kind of legislation where they would have to operate to a certain minimum standard in order to protect the interests of those who sign up for
these kind of services.

I am inclined to agree with this as unfortunately we appear to be slowly becoming victims of one of the oldest internet scams in the book that has manifested itself in a slightly different way.

I doubt very much that WebRing will look at the members interests
on this issue, and start to offer a legitimate webring service where all members are equal. They are on a pretty lucrative gravy train which is obviously going to get milked for all it is worth. But what happens when this gravy train disappears round the mountain?

What can happen if there is not another gravy train to board?

My prediction that it would be time for the managers of WebRing to think about a long and happy retirement and close the service down and go for the "Golden Handshake"

Think about how many members by now have HTML or java scripts in their websites. How many of these members actually check their memberships and where the links on these navigation bars lead? How many members actually visit and check there own websites regularly? I think you will agree with me that there are not many.

With that in mind the domain on its own would be worth a mint if sold to the highest bidder, and what today is apparently a webring membership could very well be tomorrows link to some dodgy network marketing scheme, pornography or worse, and
the by then former members would be none the wiser.

What WebRing have done by diverting java script links is unethical and the thin end of what could be a very wide wedge.

We can't expect any different from WebRing as they must by now be laughing all the way to the bank, but members you have been warned.

Have a great weekend.



Replied - 03/03/2007
Before you get bent out of shape, consider the possibility that they are simply having software problems. I ran into this a couple of weeks ago, and that's all it was.

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