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Navigation code question - 01/28/2007
I keep wondering why it is necessary for every site to have nav code loaded on their site? Why not set up the webring home page to spawn a new session when a site is selected? (In HTML that is the target="_blank" function.) This way a visitor to the webring would always still have the webring home page session on their system while they were visiting a member site. Google, for instance, has this as an option on their preferences page and I always use it. If that were the way webring was set up, all of our rings would be bigger and would attract more websites. Many people are not technical enough themselves to be able to update their sites with the navigation code and therefore, don't join the webring community. Or they join and then are suspended and removed because they aren't "geeky" enough to get this done without paying someone to update their site for them. Right now, I am about to remove 34 sites from the webring community because they got added to the ring that I now manage, but don't have the navigation code, or in a few cases, have the code (and it works) but the webring software still FAILS it. I have suspended all of them and sent them emails thru the webring mail system but only two have responded and even they still don't have their sites in compliance. It is too bad that the sites of all of those folks will be removed. After this experience with webring, I doubt very much that any of them will ever be inclined to return and I am sure that some of them will tell there friends about what they will perceive as a negative experience. Is this possible to look at a new way of having the webring operate? If the goal of the current management is traffic to drive ad revenues, it would seem like there would be definite benefits to be gained by making it easier to join and top stay a member. Just a thought......

Replied - 01/28/2007
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I keep wondering why it is necessary for every site to have nav code loaded on their site? Why not set up the webring home page to spawn a new session when a site is selected?
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Your question is a good one. And a classic one.

Whether code is on every site is the difference between a SITE DIRECTORY and a webring.

(I'm gonna draw from my page at

Back in 1994, Dennis Howe thought up EUROPa. It was, in a sense, the first webring.

Then in 1995, inspired by that, Sage Weil expanded the concept into a one that used a centralized control system and created the first webring system.

It is a webring because you can go from site to site to site, eventually returning to the original site from which you started.

The directory page to which you refer was a later addition to the concept, and, to be honest, was not universally liked. Some purists believe that the ONLY way to visit the sites should be to have to hop from site to site as in EUROPa.

That said, the directory page is now a common feature of all webring systems of which I am aware.

But back to your question. Perhaps the one, fundamental element that makes a webring a webring, is the "ring" concept.

There is nothing inherently wrong with creating a system that doesn't require individual code, or even one which uses the individual code to only link back to the home or directory page. Such a system might be highly functional.

However, such a system would be a directory system not a webring system.

James S. Huggins
to contact me:


Replied - 01/28/2007
How would each member site then contribute to the ring? I can see no way that such a system would send traffic through the ring via the member sites. Would it be a ring at all or just a list of sites?

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