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Manager: wrug
WebRing Managers WebRing presents the WebRing Managers Forum, a place for WebRing Managers to discuss ideas, ethics, tactics, etc. This Forum is for WebRing discussion only and is closely moderated.

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Loyal ring managers - 11/25/2006
Dave responded to three points.

On the first, he misread. We said nothing about James and Grandma. It was a general observation that could/can be applied even to us. But you can read into it what you want, of course.

On the second you also read more into it than was there. We didn't say that the ONLY well run rings would be those we cleaned. We said those would be examples of well run rings. There is a vast difference.

Unfortunately in the third item you switch from listening and responding to members to "going for our money and nothing else". We would prefer posts that are less negative and spark thoughtful debate.

Replied - 11/25/2006
WR, first I'm going to ask you to bear with me for just a bit. I'm openly admitting that I'm a lot more than disappointed, I'm rather angry - but I'll definitely make the attempt to stay civil here; I'm just going to disagree with you a bit. If I make this post too long and it goes into a follow-up, I hope you'll forgive me again. This will be the only time that will happen. But, I *DO* think I have the right to my "say" about all this.

My first point was addressed directly to Grandma and James. They helped me and nursed me along a long time ago when I was not just a newbie to the web, but I was trying to learn how to make AND advertise a personal website - that still exists and is my pride and joy today.

WR, I quote your line that you say I misread; "Number of
years using WebRing is nothing more than a lot of time. It really does not make one a “master” of WebRing." That was copied and pasted from YOUR post. In Grandma's case, my opinion is that she IS a master of almost EVERYTHING "web". In James' case, even more so. Years of experience and study made that happen. But you say different. OK, so be it.

Item 2; you say (and I copy/paste here) "On the second you also read more into it than was there. We didn't say that the ONLY well run rings would be those we cleaned. We said those would be examples of well run rings. There is a vast difference."

Your original post was (copy/paste) "We will address that, and as we move forward we will show you what a well managed ring is like. Those will be WebRing 2.0 rings."

How did I mis-read that? According to your own words, "Those will be WebRing 2.0 rings." WR 1.0 are "free", 2.0 are "paid". You want the posibility of a well-run ring, you pay for it. That's how you wrote it, that's how I read it.

(I'm going to continue this on a new post - this one's getting rather long)

Replied - 01/14/2007
Actually it is. now that I cna have more than 2 rings and 5 memberships, I want to merge the two IDs into one. Imagine my dismay that I have to depend upon someone else what I should be able to do for myself.

Replied - 01/15/2007
Did I miss something? I had turned away from webring in disappointment, waiting for my membership to be destroyed by tomorrow, but now I see some things seem to have changed.

Replied - 01/16/2007
Merging two rings you manage is different that forcibly moving someone else's site from one id to another. if you have rings you manage that you wish to have merged, contact support and clearly identify the two rings.

If you have ring memberships under two different IDs, that's a bit trickier and will have to wait a bit for now

Replied - 01/16/2007
It REALLY helps to read newsletters.....

Replied - 01/17/2007
It REALLY helps to read newsletters.....

True, but as I said: I had already turned away from WebRing in disappointment, so I stopped reading. I was so glad to find out that in the mean time something had changed for the better, although I still don't know what has changed exactly.

You may have lost more people in the same way...

Replied - 01/20/2007
"You may have lost more people in the same way..."

Well, no doubt. But on the whole we'd say that they left rather than we lost them. Sure we'd like to have all the members we can, but mostly we want reasonably happy ones more than sheer volume. So we are committed to working with the ones that remain or come for the first time. Our resources are not unlimited so we have to do the best we can with what we have.

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