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Manager: wrug
WebRing Managers WebRing presents the WebRing Managers Forum, a place for WebRing Managers to discuss ideas, ethics, tactics, etc. This Forum is for WebRing discussion only and is closely moderated.

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Why is there no level to keep all our rings? - 10/31/2006
Why is there no level to keep all our rings?

I own 51 webrings, some I created, alot I have adopted and brought back to life. These are my rings and I dont wish to lose any of them.

I am a member if 134 webrings. Why is there a limit on this? The more people who use the rings are more people surfing those rings and using your service, which are potential future customers.

Where is the level to allow us to pay for unlimited service? Or to allow those of us who already have our rings and memberships the option to keep it that way. Restrict new members if you must, but if I have to end up paying for something, I would like to keep all of it. It's my work it if I am willing to pay for the service to keep them all why refuse the business from ME and give part of my work to others?

Replied - 10/31/2006
Excellent question. We DO allow for "unlimited use" - We feel that we have stated that as clearly as possible in newsletters, transition/member benefits pages, and when members have done as we suggested and mailed directly to the email address provided for that kind of assistance.

To restate, again as clearly as possible: For the duration of 2007 no charges will be assessed to level 1 or 2 memberships for rings in excess of the membership "limits". Hence, for the duration of 2007 those members can have an unlimited number of rings and/or memberships.

Also, we have been trying to make it clear that DURING this period (through 2007 that is) we intend to work with members who are "over the limit" on strategies for the future.

Again, the memerbship program is for the future not the past. We are not trying to punish members for having "too much". Rather, we are trying to evolve the service into one that meets the diverse needs of the whole community. That includes developing and providing resources and features suited (and affordable to both us and the membership) to the different kinds of users of WebRing.

Replied - 11/01/2006
So, if I drop down to level 1 membership I will not be charged for over the limits on the number of webrings I manage or the number of memberships in webrings?

When will our personal, support person actually take place? I mean, I emailed mine over a week ago and I've yet to recieve an answer. I recieved a quicker response time going through the general help.


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