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WebRing Managers WebRing presents the WebRing Managers Forum, a place for WebRing Managers to discuss ideas, ethics, tactics, etc. This Forum is for WebRing discussion only and is closely moderated.

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Transition Period - Clarification - 10/15/2006
thanks James, I hate being accused or confused wrongly. It happens a lot, and I should be used to it, buy I still don't like it.

Replied - 10/16/2006
What is the significance of the Oct 15 date?

The significance is that we said we would not start charging your account (deducting from your credit) prior to Oct 15 if you HAD chosen a level already (and it was not free). In fact, for internal reasons, we aren't going to start that daily deduction until Nov 1. So, why not enjoy the benefits of a paying membership (currently just higher affiliate payouts) while there is still no charge if you're going to do so anyway. If you invite a new member and they join and become a paying member the affiliate payout is high enough that a few invites a YEAR will pay most of your membership fee.

January 15 is the only date where any change will be imposed. Prior to that it is one of choice. On January 16th if you have not chosen a level it will be assumed you have chosen free, and at that time the restrictions stated on the membership page(s) will take affect. If you have more than 2 rings you manage and/or more than 5 ring memberships and you have "chosen" free then sometime after that date the numbers will be adjusted. Whether it is 12:01 AM on the 16h or a week or 30 days later doesn't much matter. It will have to be done.

Just to give you an idea who is affected by all this:

95% of our members fall within the 2 rings 5 sites
4.5% fall within the level 1 limits
.5% fall within the level 2 limits
a small number are outside that.

Does that add up to more than 100%? Yes, because of rounding. The last group is is under .1%

Replied - 10/16/2006
jliilj writes
"My GUESS (just a guess) is that IF you have signed up for Premium 1 or Premium 2, the daily charges ($0.02739 for Premium 1 and $0.06575 for Premium 2) will begin on October 15.


An OK guess, but rather than guess read it literall. The charges (the amounts look correct) will not start PRIOR to 10/15.

In fact, they will not start prior to 11/1 - this notice will go up shortly.

Replied - 10/19/2006
System: "Just to give you an idea who is affected by all this:

95% of our members fall within the 2 rings 5 sites
4.5% fall within the level 1 limits
.5% fall within the level 2 limits
a small number are outside that. "

Statistics are always fascinating to me. I would be interested to know what base data the above refers to. i.e. is it ALL members? We have a number of Rings adopted after the Yahoo transition where that transition was not completed before we got them - i.e. contain sites where there is no User ID attached. If it is still a valid, relevant site with a valid navbar, then in most cases we are not concerned. Equally, if a User has an invalid e-mail, again it is inconvenient, but not usually a problem for members of our Rings. Where do those sites fall in your stats though? Also, what about the system run rings like that ever-increasing number up for public adoption?

What would be interesting to me is if the stats do not include all the above or any others that aren't recently active members i.e. only those that have a validated e-mail and have logged in within the last 3 months perhaps.

The one thing System has said that makes sense to me is that if you are going to reduce down to the 2-5 level, then you have plenty of time to do this manually and adopt-out/delete the other Rings. Renaming or anything else to let the system choose for you in the hope they'll pick the "right" ones makes no sense. Assuming you choose to struggle on with a conceptually fundamentally different WebRing at all that is.

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