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Manager: wrug
WebRing Managers WebRing presents the WebRing Managers Forum, a place for WebRing Managers to discuss ideas, ethics, tactics, etc. This Forum is for WebRing discussion only and is closely moderated.

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More rings then ever up for adoption - 09/30/2006
There's an ever increasing amount of rings up for Adoption already-I think someone has just killed of webring :(

This is not keeping with the traditions or spirit of Webring but what can we do I can not pay for all my rings I manage or the ones I'm members of.

I manage rings for fun not profit I always donated when I had some cash handy I believe I have $5 in credit now,what will happen to that?


ps: the m is now working:)

Replied - 10/02/2006
I keep trying to adopt rings associated with the one's that I currently manage. I never hear a thing from anyone. Some have been up for adoption for months.. they have to be almost dead by now with no one managing them.

BTW, how does one put a ring up for adoption? I thought there was a button. But I can no longer locate it.


Replied - 10/02/2006
From your rings "hub" page there should be a link under the "Other" area called "Transfer Ownership". That will take you to a page to invite individual or all members to take over the ring. If you choose "all" then it will be open to the public to adopt (not that WebRing appears to have a placefor the public to see rings that are up for adoption) If there are no sites eligible to adopt the ring, you will get an error when you click on the link. If that happens, just delete the ring. WebRing will just restore it to their system as available for adoption. (Of course, if you simply delete a ring that has valid members, WebRing will take the time to restore it themselves, and put it up for adoption....I'm sure you don't want to put them through all that trouble) I'd hate for them to see large numbers of good rings being might send the wrong message.


Replied - 10/03/2006
I was once again notified about a ring being up for adoption. This is literally the 10th time I have been notified. I cannot apply again, system will not let me.. and it looks like no one else is picking it up.. So how come I cannot adopt this ring?


Replied - 10/03/2006
From the July Newsletter:
"Adoptable rings
We recognize that there are a lot of rings up for adoption. Because we are reviewing our policies in all areas of WebRing, we are a little reluctant to adopt out many rings, then make changes to the policies that might affect them."

So...since they reviewed their policies, considering the response" I doubt there's any adoptions being completed...unless you've signed up for at least Level 1 or Level 2.

Replied - 10/04/2006
I'll tell you what.. to make things easier on you, I will be giving up my rings. There are only six and you can now put them up for adoption also... I do this to help out folks interested in the topics the rings connect. I have a real job a really don't need this kind of drama over a label on the bottom of a web page.


Replied - 10/05/2006
I really don't know why you can't adopt this ring, but it may be because you haven't paid enough. Webring is all about the money now, you know.

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