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WebRing Managers Community

Manager: wrug
WebRing Managers WebRing presents the WebRing Managers Forum, a place for WebRing Managers to discuss ideas, ethics, tactics, etc. This Forum is for WebRing discussion only and is closely moderated.

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Our new look is here 09/13/06 ! - 09/13/2006
We’ve just launched our first series of pages with the new WebRing look! You’ll see an updated look on pages that the public has access to. We have yet to make changes to any page where you are required to sign in—so there are no changes on ring management and site management pages in this launch.

As we’ve mentioned in our newsletters, we are not changing the functionality of the system, just fixing it up and making the copy easier to read. You’ll see some inconsistencies, and because this is a staggered series of launches, you’ll see both old and new pages in the course of your everyday activities.

Please post your comments about the changes and anything you see that needs fixing in the General Members forum. We want and need your feedback!

Please post these comments separately from other system-related issues. Any system issues and other topics not related to your comments on the new pages should be posted with titles specific to the issue or problem.

The Ring Managers forum is really for ring managers, so we’ll look in the General Members forum for your comments.

WebRing is WebRing because of your participation and involvement. Thanks for your patience, for your support, and for all those “eagle eyes” that will catch errors we may have missed!

The WebRing Team

Replied - 09/13/2006
I noticed one thing missing from the new look...

The "adoptable" filter link!

FYI: It still works, you just gotta add ";adopt=y" to the end of any WR directory URL.

Replied - 09/13/2006
We do not need the pop ALT command, everytime we go anywhere with the mouse! It becomes a "pain-in-the-neck" The normal ALT command is sufficent as in IE6. We do not want it flashing up at us everytime.


Replied - 09/13/2006
Also, I cannot increase the font size! Please fixed it.

Replied - 09/13/2006
Adoptable rings are something that will be addressed in upcoming launches. Stay tuned! We're not done yet!

WebRing Support

Replied - 09/14/2006
Looks OK so far but I think to give the ring hub a bit of balance, maybe the google ad-sense could do with moving down a bit so it is on the level with the ring sites, rather than at the extreme top.

Also we need a next/previous page link locating at the bottom of the ring hub as well as the top. That will help surfers.

Replied - 09/14/2006
A lot of Websites try to fix font size. There are two solutions, maybe more. 1. In MSIE, Tools-Internet Options-Accessibility-Ignore font sizes on Web pages. 2. Use Mozilla Firefox and use ctrl+/-. Richard

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