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Manager: wrug
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re-directs and other stuff - 03/26/2006
Not sure what to call this topic.

I have a member, who is also a ring manager of MANY MANY rings, that is using a re-direct. Consequently the sites are failing. He/She did this rather than log in to webring and change the URL? I'm just guessing here. What would be the purpose of a redirect otherwise. The site is still the same content.

I sent a second email. Probably will have to delete the site from the rings it is in.


Replied - 03/26/2006
Depends what kind of re-direct it is. If he has simply re-directed to a new site then it may be that the site is not linking back to the page that the code is on.

If it is a kind of domain re-direct then perhaps the intention is just to shorten the URL.

Its up to you what you do obviously but if this site was on my rings my inclination would be to delete his memberships if as you say he is a manager of a lot other rings because he would have his own rings to put his sites in. Unless of couse the topic area of the rings in question are in a category that he does not manage.

Replied - 03/27/2006
unless a re-diect has a big delay in it, then linking back does no good. this was a 1 or 2 second delay which does not leave anough time for the ringcode to load so the visitor can surfthe ring. He was channging URLs. but in the time it takes to write the code, one can paste the code on your page. It only takes a little longer to change the URLs.

If time is a problem (way too many rings and sites), at least take the time to write me back. Something he couldn't bother to do.


The problem has been solved.

Replied - 03/27/2006
We have a simple and straightforward rule that would apply to this circumstance. If the WebRing navbars cannot fairly easily be found, by a person who arrived via a Webring or from anywhere else, then the site cannot be on our ring (we will give them a month to fix it). And it seems the even more simple rule applies - if the Ring navbars are not accessible at all by some effect of code, whether intentional or not, then the site cannot be on our ring. It is a two-way street - our rings send sites traffic - the sites send us traffic back. I would suspend anyone doing a redirect with a fair warning that if they do not fix it within 30 days, the suspension will end with automatic deletion.

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