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Manager: wrug
WebRing Managers WebRing presents the WebRing Managers Forum, a place for WebRing Managers to discuss ideas, ethics, tactics, etc. This Forum is for WebRing discussion only and is closely moderated.

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Brainy BLondes - not what it seems - 03/06/2006

that's one of my rings. So now I ahve a sponsor ad that says blonde babes. Find women, view pictures for free.

REally. How inappropriate. Does this mean if I pay I can get rid of the sponsor ad? I read the rules on the sponsor ADs. If they even 'think' we aren't managing the ring, they get to put a sponsor ad. WEll, I check in at least twice per week and lately it ahs been once per day.

DO you wnat me to sit at the computer all day?

Replied - 03/06/2006
That is sad. I have a situation that may even be worse than that...I have rings devoted to japanese animated cartoons (anime) and there are ads for "Adult" cartoon sites! I can only hope that children are not clicking on these ads. Yes, some anime is adult rings are not.


Replied - 03/19/2006
Same here.

I run a nudist ring but we subscribe to the philosophies of the national organizations that see nudism as a health-conscious lifetyle for mind and body. Indeed, we see it as a family choice and practice that is safe for families.

That may not be understood by many and that is OK. My ring is there as an educational tool.

Yet of late I have been getting adult web site adverts pop in. Most likely because my ring was deemed adult because the sites may contain nudity - be it non-sexual.

Now here is the problem... I reject any sites that link to adult or sexually explicit materials and which do not convey the family-safe message the national organizations do, but Webring is playing these ads on the hub page. Imagine my embarassment, not to mention having to come up with an excuse, as to why that happens and I won't allow adult sites into my ring.

I hope they can tweak it. Otherwise I may be forced to close the ring. I'd really hate to do that but the adverts are going specifically against the grain of what my ring is trying to do. It is very counter productive. A few sites that complained have already left me.


Replied - 03/20/2006
I've considered creating my own webring. It won't do all that this does, but it wil be mine. It would be jsut a list of sites and the member sites would just link to the list. Couldn't surf using script or wahtever, but who cares.

Replied - 03/20/2006
You can host your own webring, but it is usually more work than most people want to go through. You could also consider another ring system. I run rings on 3 different systems, and they all have different advantages and disadvantages. I wouldn't recommend Bravenet, I get about 50 spam memberships a week and the only way you can block spammers is by IP. Most of the ring systems are very simple to navigate, and the ring portion works well on all of them. Here is an example of a self-hosted ring: It's tiny and no longer active, but you can see that it can be done. Hope this helps a little, Mona

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