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WebRing Managers WebRing presents the WebRing Managers Forum, a place for WebRing Managers to discuss ideas, ethics, tactics, etc. This Forum is for WebRing discussion only and is closely moderated.

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Featured Sites Problem - 12/18/2005
Dear WebRing,

What do I need to do? How much do I have to pay? Who do I need to talk to? - to stop sites from being unfeatured in certain rings of mine?

Is anyone else experiencing this problem OR IS IT JUST ME?

It sure would be nice, after almost 4 months now, to have all my rings functioning the way they are supposed to!

In desperation I have sent a letter to Santa asking him to bring you a AAA tech who requires very little rest.

Best regards,

Replied - 12/18/2005
Please email me offlist at with all the pertinent details and I will do whatever I can to ensure that your problem is resolved.


Replied - 12/18/2005
"Is anyone else experiencing this problem OR IS IT JUST ME?"

No, it is not just you. Nor is this a new problem. My Featured sites regularly drop off. Sometimes it is the paid subscribers and sometimes the freebies. So don't take it personal. It is just another WebRing glitch that they cannot seem to fix. It has been this way since they created the Featured Site system. Such is way of the WebRing system. Why fight it? I make it a habit to check my Featured sites at least once every 10 days, and have done so for several years, for exactly this reason.

Replied - 12/18/2005
I don't check on mine that often, but I also rotate out the non-paying ones, so most of the sites get a chance to be featured at one time or another. So look upon this featured site thing as a way to change up your ring.

Now if I was paying to have one featured I would be upset if it kep dropping off the featured list.


Replied - 12/19/2005
My featured sites have been "un-featured" several times lately. I had to re-do all of them again tonight. Hope they (WR Staff) get that issue resolved. It's not only a little annoying, but both WR and myself are losing money on the paid featured sites when they are removed from the featured positions. Hope you guys all have a great CHRISTMAS!!!

Tony (aka mayersphotorestoration)

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