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This is an open forum for the posting of ideas, thoughts, and discussion of anything anime or manga related. Feel free to tell others what you think of episodes, OAVs, series, products, reviews, characters, producers, etc.

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Welcome to the Addiction forum.
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I have been on methadone for over two years now. I have gained excessive weight, swelling in the throat or glands in throat area. I weighed a hundred pounds before going on methadone and now I am close to 150. I found out that methadone slows down your metabolism. However, if someone doesn't mind gaining weight and trading another addiction for another, then I suppose methadone is okay. If someone plans to stay on this drug the rest of their life, then I guess it is okay. When someone, as myself, trys to detox themselves off of this medication. It is a long metal and physical process. I wish I had never gotten on this medication. I have been detoxing over a week now, severly. The pain is so intense that sometimes I think I should just stay on methadone, but I don't want to weigh this much, and have to depend on something on a daily basis. It is so hard to get off of this stuff that it seems near impossible. The whole reason I got on this medication was to rid myself of the loratab addiction. I'm really not sure which detox is the worse of the two. People need to realize what they are doing before they decide to go on methadone maintenance. Clinics do not inform well enough of the side effects and the painful detoxification, even if you work your way all the way down to one milligram it is still the same, still takes weeks and weeks to get over.

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