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Embar - 12/29/2012
Harikatha - Kalyaname Vaibhogame - A Celebration of Divine Weddings by Embar Vijayaraghavachariar ** Any wedding is indeed cause for great celebration and festivity. What then needs to be said of a divine wedding between our most well-known celestials... not just one wedding but eight - presented as a musical discourse by distinguished Harikatha Exponent Embar Vijayaraghavachariar? ** This bulk pack comprises over 12 hours of musical discourse detailing the background stories and the sheer joy, pomp, splendour and spectacle of the divine weddings of Lakshmi with Mahavishnu, Srinivasa with Alamelumanga, Bhama with Shri Krishna, Rukmini with Shri Krishna, Andal with Ranganathar, Seetha with Rama, Valli with Muruga and Meenakshi with Sundareshwarar. ** The word, "Kalyanam" itself means "that which is auspicious." May this spirit of auspiciousness permeate your home and your heart as you listen to this maestro recreate the resonance of these divine weddings in his own inimit...


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